There is a rising trend of indifference toward our Catholic Faith amongst all generations, especially today's youth and young men.


At its core is forgetfulness. We have forgotten our fatherly identity as men. Because of this, we are too often left speechless when confronted by the challenges of our times.

It is time to remember our identity as men of honor, rooted in Christ.


This Conference is about rediscovering our identity, our Christian anthropology, as men, equipping ourselves with the knowledge to resist the today's assaults on Fatherhood, and embracing a true identity as bearers of God's Fatherly love for all humanity.

Living your masculinity in all arenas of life.

We have curated 20 targeted presentations that address the core issues and fundamental questions of living our manly calling in some of the most important areas of life. Consider this conference a deep dive into the true nature of our masculinity.

  • The Holiness of Man

  • The Spouse of a Man

  • The Difficulties of a Man

  • The Fatherhood of a Man

  • The Hobbies of a Man

  • The Hope of a Man

  • The Lies of the World About Men

  • The Routine of a Man

  • The Needs of a Man

  • The Idols of Today's Man

  • The Prayer of a Man

  • The Wounds of a Man

  • The Healing of a Man

  • The Honor of a Man

  • The Faith of a Man

  • The Vocation of a Man

  • The Strength of a Man

  • The Spirituality of a Man

  • The Triumph of a Man

  • The Desires of a Man


  • Fr. Martin Connor, LC

  • Mike Drapeau

  • Fr. Mark Haydu. LC

  • Fr. Eric Nielsen, LC

  • Andrew Rawicki

  • Fr. Jason Smith, LC

  • Fr. Thomas Vendetti, LC

  • Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC

  • Felipe Gomez

  • Fr. Scott Reilly, LC

  • Bob Dill

  • Tony Frese

  • Fr. Juan Pablo Duran, LC

  • Fr. Jorge Obregon, LC

  • Fr. Daniel Ray, LC

  • Fr. Matthew Summe, LC

  • Steve Auth

  • Fr. David Barton, LC

  • Fr. Lino Otero, LC

  • Roberto Sánchez Mejorada 


In addition to our Free recorded presentations that will be available throughout the conference weekend, we are hosting some live events available to our Premium Pass holders.


Friday, April 23

  • PREMIUM LIVE 8:00 PM ET: The Role of the Father in Challenging Times

    Join us for this live interview between Fr. Jorge Obregon, LC and Steve Markel, CEO and Founder of Families of Character. Steve's mission focuses on helping families cultivate virtue and character in the home, an especially important task amidst today's assaults on family life.

Saturday, April 24

  • PREMIUM LIVE 11:00 AM ET: How to Recognize True Christian Leadership

    In this live interview between Fr. Jorge Obregon, LC and Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC, we're diving into the characteristics of the Christian Leader and what makes a Christian leader unique.

  • PREMIUM LIVE 8:00 PM ET: Panel Discussion: The Calling of a Man, and How to Answer! 

    You will feel at home with these men. Join Chip Cannon, Horacio Gomez, and Curtis Wales as they host this supremely practical discussion on discovering and living heroically your unique purpose.


Premium Pass Holders have exclusive access to live Q&A sessions throughout the conference weekend, giving you more opportunities to connect with presenters and ask questions.

Replays will be available after the conference weekend.


  • Learn a sound masculine anthropology from the centuries-old wisdom of the Church.


  • Discover tips for identifying vice and being healed by God's merciful love.


  • Gain tools for living virtue in everyday life and grow in spiritual strength.


  • Rediscover what it means to be Men of Honor in our families, Church, and businesses.


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