Introducing the Virtual Catholic LoveLife Conference Premium Pass

Your way to enjoy the full conference on your own time, at your own pace, without missing a thing.

Premium Pass Details

Here’s what you’ll get with a Premium Pass to Virtual Catholic LoveLife Conference: 

  • Ongoing, On-Demand Video Access 

    Continued, on-demand access to all 60+ video sessions; use this as a tool to transform your home into a mini retreat with family or online friends past the three day event.

  • Exclusive Live Booths Replays

    Gain Premium Pass Members only access to exclusive live booth replays from the conference weekend with Jason and Crystalina Evert, Matt and Cameron Fradd, and more!

  •  MP3 Downloads for Listening On the Go

    No time to sit and watch? Pop in the headphones and run through our entire library of talks while in your car, on the jogging trail, or anywhere else life takes you!

  • Conference Study Package

    Our Conference Study Package includes a conference digital workbook and curated study tracks by Jason and his team, making it simple for self, couple, or group study (Group Study Pass only).

We offer three pass packages based on what you've requested most!

  • Something for Singles and Dating,


    We've put together the perfect targeted speaker package for singles and dating, covering all the good stuff from finding your soul mate to discovering your vocation.

  • Something for Married Couples and Families


    Our Full Conference Package covers ways to enhance your joy and intimacy in married life, and practical guidance for raising kids who are open to the message of authentic love. 

  • Something for Group Studies


    We know that many of you are faith formation guides, small group leaders, or just dedicated to personal growth. We've put together an amazing turn-key study package for you!

You might pay $400.00 for a weekend retreat or in-person summit...

and not even experience a fraction of the presenters and insights packed into this Premium Pass!

    But in your Catholic LoveLife Premium Pass, you get...

    Unlimited Access

    • Your full Conference Video Package, With unlimited on-demand password protected access.

    • More than 60 engaging presentations, save your favorites and share with your family, youth group or group study.

    • Access to Youth Video Package, which is specifically tailored to helping the youth.

    Exclusive Q&As

    • Access to Exclusive Replays with top speakers. We can't have thousands of people joining a single virtual booth. We've reserved some of our most popular just for you.

    Full Digital Workbook
    (study package only) 

    • Invest in ongoing formation, we want you to not only watch, but to be engaged and transformed in and through the presentations.

    • Perfect small-group resource, serves as the perfect leader guide for discussion groups.

    • Curated study tracks, whether you are single, recently married, or leading a growing family, we've made it simple for you to dive into the conference and start growing!

    Downloadable Audio Files

    • Listen on the go, in the car or mowing the lawn, you have more than 25 hours of content in the Catholic LoveLife Premium Pass.

    • Perfect for parents, who can rarely find a moment to pause and watch anything.

    • 60+ Talks, from some of the most prominent theologians and evangelists in the Catholic world, all in one complete bundle.

    Pick Your Access Plan

    Single & Young Adult



    one-time payment

    • 30 Targeted Conference Videos for Singles and Dating

    • MP3s

    • Jason's Q&A Singles

    • Free access to CD library

      Group Study & Youth Groups

      Best Value!


      one-time payment

      • All 70 Conference Videos Including Singles/Dating/ Marriage/Family Tracks

      • Conference Digital Workbook

      • Curated study tracks for self, couples, and group study

      • Youth Track

      • MP3s

      • Live Session Replays

      • Free access to CD library

      Full Conference Package


      one-time payment

      • All 70 Conference Videos Including Singles/Dating/ Marriage/Family Tracks

      • Youth Track

      • MP3s

      • Live Session Replays

      • Free access to CD library

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