Lessons From the Workshop of St. Joseph

A guided retreat from the comfort of your favorite place

What are we to learn from a man who never spoke in Scripture?

Think of the amount of distractions in your life today. Between cell phones, social media, advertisements, and the latest breaking news, is there any room left for silence?


Surprisingly, when we make room for silence, we can begin to understand its power. In that silence with St. Joseph as our guide, we can tap into that same wellspring of courage that equipped him to lead the Holy Family in Faith and Fidelity.

On this retreat, you will...

  • Deeply experience the life of St. Joseph, by reflecting on his 14 stations

  • See Jesus from a fresh perspective through the lens of St. Joseph

  • Learn how to serve God and your families with courage by reflecting on the life of St. Joseph and the patriarchs.

How does the retreat work?

The retreat is designed to be completed at your own pace over a three-day period. Each day you are led by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC, through a series of presentations and reflections on the 14 stations of St. Joseph. 


Simply find a comfortable and quiet place with internet connection, log in, and enter the retreat. Even if you cannot complete it in three days, your lifetime access lets you watch when you can.

Recommended Retreat Schedule

Each day you will take time to learn and meditate on the 14 stations of St. Joseph. Below is an example schedule one might follow.

Day 1

  • 7:00 PM Introductory Talk

  • 8:00 Meditation: Stations 1&2

Day 2

  • 9:00 Morning Offering & Meditation: Stations 3&4

  • 10:30 Meditation: Stations 5&6

  • 11:30 Mass on your own

  • Lunch/Rest

  • 2:15 Meditation: Stations 7&8

  • 3:30 Meditation: Stations 9&10

  • 5:00 Way of St. Joseph

  • 6:00 Dinner Break

  • 7:00 Meditation: Stations 11&12

Day 3

  • 9:00 Morning Offering & Meditation: Stations 13&14

  • 10:15 Closing reflections

  • 11:00 Q&A

  • 11:45 Mass on your own

You will have lifetime access to the retreat to view at their own pace and schedule.

What are people saying?

This retreat was awesome!! It was very organized with the personal reflection questions, songs, prayers, and artwork. Fr. Daniel's passion, knowledge and personal experience is what made the virtual retreat outstanding!

The retreat was excellent. The communications, technology, set up, materials and monitoring up until the very end!

This was my first virtual retreat and it was truly a blessing. Fr. Daniel's meditations were very enlightening and the questions really took me deeper into understanding both myself and my relationship with God better.

Our Retreat Guide

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC has been leading retreats for nearly two decades. In 2020 he began offering weekend retreats online on the Life of St. Joseph and the Seven Sorrows of Mary. 


Fr. Daniel is a published author, holds degrees in Philosophy and Theology, and a passionate priest with over 3000 hours in Spiritual Direction.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Can I watch any session replays online after the live session?

The retreat live sessions are in eastern time, but I live in a different time zone. How would this work?

Do I have to attend all live sessions of the retreat?

How interactive are the live sessions?

What do you mean by "a retreat from the comfort of your favorite place"?

Why isn't there a free option of this retreat like with other VCC conferences?

Will there be a program guide or other materials?

Do my spouse and I have to register separately?

Can we offer this as a group retreat at our parish and host a watch party?

What if I have another question not addressed here?


Purchase your registration for this guided online retreat. Your registration includes a downloadable digital reflection guide to the 14 stations of St. Joseph.

  • Your registration provides lifetime access to the conference to watch and attend at your own pace.

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