Inspiring and equipping catechists, teachers, volunteers, ministry leaders, and families to know the Faith better, grow as disciples of Jesus, and evangelize.



At the Free Southeast Catechist Conference

Be Formed

Grow as disciples in your understanding of the Faith.​

Be Equipped

Learn skills and best practices in evangelizing and handing on the Faith with families, children, and adults.​

Be Sent

Grow as witnesses to Jesus Christ, confidently sharing Him with others.​

Forming the Formators!

The Southeast Catechist Conference (now with diocesan representation throughout the East Coast US) is a collaborative diocesan effort to engage, form, and equip catechists, volunteers, Catholic school teachers, parents, and others to evangelize, form, and accompany those in their care throughout every phase of life.


From sacramental preparation and family faith formation to youth and young adult ministry, RCIA, adult faith formation and senior adult ministry, this conference is for all who want to grow in handing on the Faith, both volunteers and professionals. All Catholics are called to evangelize and catechize!

How does this virtual conference work?

Register for the free event.

Carve out time on the conference weekend to watch on-demand presentations and join live events.

Log in to the conference site when the conference opens on August 12 (we will email your login credentials).

Engaging during the free weekend.

Once you log in to the conference, you will be able to watch recorded video presentations or register for email reminders to join live events via Zoom.


The conference is free to access throughout the weekend of August 12-15.

A Flexible Schedule and Guided Program

Conference Schedule

One of the benefits of a virtual conference is that it allows you flexibility to watch presentations when it is most convenient for you, and join the live sessions from the comfort of your favorite place.

  • Thursday, August 12 Open access to all presentations with Live evening Q&A

  • Friday, August 13 Open access to all presentations with Live evening Q&A

  • Saturday, August 14 Open access to all presentations with Live morning and afternoon workshops (3 sessions with 1-hour workshops starting at 9AM ET and ending by 2PM ET)

  • Sunday, August 15 Open access to all presentations (no live events)

  • PLUS! There will be opportunities to pray and worship throughout the weekend.

Collaborating Across the East Coast!

Learn how to witness the Faith in a way that leaves a lasting impact.

With sixteen participating dioceses, we are giving the skills and education that every formator needs so that you can teach with confidence at the local level--person to person.


This allows us to draw some top-notch Catholic presenters and educators to equip you with the knowledge and skills to have a greater impact.

Not a member of our participating dioceses?


Not a problem!

We gladly open all of our conference opportunities to anyone who wishes to attend.


We have a variety of presenters for English, Spanish, and Vietnamese Audiences


  • Alejandro Aguilera-Titus
  • Sean Allen
  • Jose "Pepe" Alonso
  • Sr. Martha Alvarado, HSMG
  • Katherine Angulo
  • Leisa Anslinger
  • Kathia Arango
  • Andres Arango
  • Darleine Arce
  • Terrie Baldwin
  • Chris Barlett
  • Ana Barraza
  • Alejandro Barraza
  • Katie Bogner
  • Steve Botsford
  • Danielle Brown
  • Colleen Campbell
  • Sr. Mary Giana Casino, LIHM
  • Krysthell Castillo
  • Fr. Jim Chern

  • Sr. Donna L. Ciangio O.P.
  • Kathy Coffey
  • Mary Cohen
  • Kate Daneluk
  • Kathy Daykin
  • Rev. Frank DeSiano, CSP
  • Gabriela Del Rio
  • Alessandro DiSanto
  • Fr. Frank Donio S.A.C.
  • Thomas East
  • Ruth Elsbree
  • Dr. Theresa Farnan
  • Carla Ferrando-Bowling
  • Rich Fischer
  • Patrick Ginty
  • Amanda Grubbs

  • Luz Maria Gutierrez-Olvera
  • Dr. Luis Guzman
  • Maria Goretti Guzman
  • Deacon Matthew Halbach
  • Diana Hancharenko
  • Mark Hart
  • Mary Hasson
  • Rose Hernandez
  • Ana María Hernández-Alstrum
  • Michal Horace
  • Dr. Kenneth Howell

  • Timothy Johnston
  • Diane Kledzik
  • Peter Le
  • Evan Lemoine
  • Matthew Leonard
  • Lucia Luzondo
  • Dr. Ricardo Luzondo
  • Jeanne Lyons
  • Ivette Mahfoud
  • Nydia Maldonado
  • Mary Malloy
  • Patrick Manning
  • Michael Marchand
  • Rita Martinez
  • Dr. Anne Masters
  • Kathy McCormick
  • Dr. Dorothy Mensah-Aggrey
  • Jessie Moreau

  • Ashley Morris
  • Theodore Musco
  • Dr. William O'Leary
  • Dr. Timothy P. O'Malley
  • Katushka Olave
  • Monica Oppermann
  • Dr. Hosffman Ospino
  • Dr. Joe Paprocki
  • P. Rafeal M. Ramirez
  • Dr. Martha Reyes
  • Sr. Theresa Rickard O.P
  • Jose Rodriguez Rivera

  • Maggie Rousseau
  • Michael Ruzicki
  • Lia Salinas
  • Fr. Richard Samour
  • Sr. Janet Schaeffler
  • Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • Pia Septien
  • Patrice Spirou
  • Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.

  • Julianne Stanz
  • Ricardo Veloz
  • Joe Von Kanel
  • Sr. Nancy Walsh
  • Greg Waskinski
  • Jenni Weldin
  • Dr. Joseph White
  • Mary Ann Wiesenger
  • Gloria "Gigi"  Zapiain
  • Sr. Angela Zukowski

Want to watch as a group?

Host a Parish

Watch Party

While everyone can watch from home, it’s easy to gather at a local spot and host a parish watch party during the conference weekend. Diocesan leaders will be sharing more information with parish leaders on a recommended format for hosting optional watch parties during the free conference weekend.


We ask that all participants register here online, even if planning to attend at their local parish.

Thank you to our conference sponsors

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Opportunity to Support Diocesan Evangelization and Faith Formation Efforts

While the conference is completely free during August 12-15 weekend under our Free Pass, we also offer a paid Diocesan Support Pass which gives extended access to the conference, audio downloads, and more.


PLUS! When you purchase the Diocesan Support Pass, half of the proceeds will go to support the local evangelization and faith formation efforts of participating dioceses.


Your support allows us to continue offering these events at no cost.

More with the Diocesan Support Pass!

Instant Access!

With your purchase of the Diocesan Support Pass, get instant access to the full replay of our 2021 Bible Conference!

  • Perfect resource for teaching others and growing in confidence with reading Scripture

  • Reignite your passion for spending time in God's word 

  • Get instant access to more than 50 recorded presentations by Biblical scholars like Scott & Kimberly Hahn, Steve Ray, Fr. Larry Richards, Ralph Martin, Jason Evert, Matt Fradd, Sonja Corbitt, and more!


We offer a Free Weekend Pass that provides access to the conference presentations and live events during the free conference weekend August 12-15, and a Diocesan Support Pass that provides extended access to conference videos Through May 1, of 2022, MP3 audio downloads, and instant access to our 2021 Bible Conference.

Free Weekend Pass


  • Access to the Southeast Catechist Conference during the free period

  • Access to all live sessions

Diocesan Support Pass

Access through May 1 2022!


  • Extended Access to the Southeast Catechist Conference through May 1, 2022

  • Access to all live sessions

  • Downloadable Audio Recordings

  • Live Session Replays

  • Support dioceses - 50% of Proceeds go to support selected partner dioceses and their faith formation

  • PLUS! Get instant access to our Premium Pass for our 2021 Bible Conference.

    • Includes 50+ talks and replays from leading Catholic Presenters like Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Steve Ray, and more!
    • Enjoy Premium Access through 2021, with downloadable audio files to 50+ presentations.

Frequently asked questions

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