What if you could be at peace most of the time?

Exhausting - Busy - Chaotic

How often do you use those words when describing our day? As Catholic women, many of us with kids, spouses, jobs, (and now add homeschool teacher to the list), it is easy to feel like everyone wants a piece of our time and energy.

And when that time and energy just isn't there to give, it can leave us feeling guilty.

If only we had more time, more energy, more hands! Then we could get it all done.

Then we'll have earned the right to some peace.

But what if the solution wasn't giving from a place of depletion?

What if peace was possible, and you didn't have to add:

  • one more commitment
  • one more task
  • one more weekly zoom call
  • or one more assignment to your life?

What if you already had all of the resources in your day to love your God, kids, husband, friends, yourself, AND rest in God's peace?

Peace is Possible, Let's Discover it Together.

At this year's National Catholic Women's Conference, we will be entering into Christ's words, "My Peace I give to you." And here's the best news.

You don't have to earn it!

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At this virtual conference, you will:

  • Discover women just like you sharing similar struggles, and learn how they're finding freedom in Faith,


  • Learn how prayer enhances your vocation as a mother, spouse, professional, and friend,


  • Experience how God Multiplies our time and energy when we make prayer a priority,


  • Learn how to stop wasting time and energy on guilt, comparison, and resentment and become fully alive as a Catholic Woman.



We are adding more daily!

Where else could you hear from so many top-presenters in the Catholic world?

These recorded presentations will be available on-demand during the free conference weekend. 

  • Sister Miriam James Heidland

  • Matthew Leonard

  • Sr. Bethany Madonna, S.V.

  • Fr. Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V.

  • Joan Maroney

  • Dr. Bob Schuchts

  • Kathleen Beckman

  • Brandon & Analyn Miller

  • Maria Johnson

  • Judith Guilfoil

  • Janet Lees

  • Colleen Mitchell

  • Amanda Zurface

  • Lisa Brenninkmeyer

  • Kelly Wahlquist

  • John Finch

  • Sonja Corbitt

  • Teresa Tomeo

  • Fr. Jacques Phillipe

  • Dr. Peter Kreeft

  • Katie Hartfiel

  • Devanie Cooper

  • Colleen Duggan

  • Allison Gingras

  • Samantha Kelly

  • Earl Rivard

  • Charles Finck

  • Laura Fanucci

  • Carrie Daunt

  • Kimberly Hahn

  • Karianna Frey

  • Kimberly Cook

  • Melissa Foley

  • Dr. Sam Fraser

  • Kendra Von Esh

  • Joel Hawbaker

  • Lisa Hendey

  • Erin Ingold

  • January Donovan

  • Dr. Joseph Hollcraft

  • Christie Luibrand

  • Chloe Langr

  • Kate Wicker

  • Hilary Draftz

  • Steve Ray

  • Danielle Bean

  • Rakhi  McCormick
  • Nicole Rodriguez  

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