Want to get more out of the Bible as a Catholic, but don't know where to start?

We're giving Catholics simple and practical tools to break open the Bible and hear God's unique message, just for them.

Reading the Bible can seem like daunting task for many Catholic. But with just a few simple insights and skills you can discover the exciting truth that this Word is alive, and you'll never look at Scripture the same way again.

Why this virtual conference?

  • Discover God speaking directly to you in the Bible.


  • Learn the simple steps to making Scripture reading a transformative prayer.


  • Re-ignite your passion for spending time with God's Word.


  • Gain practical insights that you can immediately apply to increase your intimacy with the Bible.


  • Fall in love with a God who desires to be fully known by you in His Word.



We have dozens of the top Biblical Scholars sharing decades of wisdom to help you discover God's amazing Word waiting for you in Sacred Scripture. These recorded presentations will be available on-demand during the free conference weekend. 

  • Al Kresta

  • Jeff Cavins

  • Dr. Peter Kreeft

  • Steve Ray

  • Fr. Larry Richards

  • Teresa Tomeo

  • John Bergsma

  • Liz Lev

  • Matthew Leonard

  • Pete Burak

  • Dr. Edward Sri

  • Sister Joseph Andrew

  • Thomas Williams

  • Cindy Brown

  • Dr. Ben Brown

  • John Hale

  • Rod Bennett

  • Hayden Frizzell

  • Dr. Andrew Swaffford

  • Dr. Scott Hahn

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

  • Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.

  • Gary Michuta

  • John Martignoni

  • Marcus Grodi

  • Fr. John Bartunek

  • Mother Rosalind Miriam

  • Peter Herbeck

  • Dr. Mary Healy

  • Sonja Corbitt

  • Gail Buckley

  • William Albrëcht & Fr. Kappes

  • Fr. Joseph Fessio

  • Adam Janke

  • Mike Aquilina

  • Hector Molina

  • Deacon Harold Burke Sivers

  • Fr. Andrew Dalton

  • Patrick Madrid

  • Kimberly Hahn

  • Fr. Frank Pavone

  • Ralph Martin

  • Fr. Robert Spitzer

  • Bryan Mercier

  • Paul J. Kim

  • Joseph Pearce

  • Matt Fradd

  • Fr. Chris Alar MIC

  • Roy Schoemen

  • Fr. Devin Roza

  • Terry Barber

  • Charbel Raish

  • Lavinia Spirito


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